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Gabriela de Souza photgrapher

Hi, I am Gabriela,

a documentary photographer specialized in storytelling and unposed photography.  My passion is to catch the life as it is, honest, raw, with ups and downs – in images that tell a story.

I capture your story and the individual beauty of your expressions. A natural exchange of smiles and
knowing looks, captured in an image, tell much more than an artificial pose in front of a ‘romantic’ background. We can do this in Photoshop if you are into that. What I do, is to put real life into a series of images.

As a result, the images depict families in intimate, original scenes that capture a particular moment in time. Maybe it is ballet class or football training, baking, or doing the groceries, the weekly trip to the ice cream stand at the park … an ordinary day with your loved ones, a day full of presumed ordinary, but meaningful moments that make your family unique.

So, how about remembering your life as it really is right now, documented in a fresh, beautiful way, without ornaments and chichi? .

Newborn photography


Kinder photo


Special Day phography


Gabriela de Souza Photographer

Let’s know each other.


+49 1767 227 9361 

Vielen Dank!

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