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Born in Brazil and raised in Santiago de Chile, I became an early traveler. I love to discover and to see the world with its people and their cultures, houses, monuments and events, the little differences and the many similarities. And, of course, I love to take pictures of them.

I like my images as the life is: pure, real, honest, individual, and unique. Every good picture tells a story. Throughout my career, I focused on the storytelling aspects of photography. That was probably triggered by my fascination for family albums. I love this way to document your story and to trigger memories. The photos teleport me to places and moments. A pleasure to share.

My goal is to capture life as it is, honest and raw, so my photo sessions are relaxed, fun and easygoing.


What I like most in this profession is to see the faces of my clients when they receive their photos. 

I am based in Hamburg and I speak English, Spanish und ein bißchen deutsch. 

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