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This collection consists of a series of 18 black and white photos of Camila, my ex-partner. It is a portrait of our relationship and female intimacy from her body. This work shows a record of Camila in front of my eyes, from the daring of an erotic woman to the vulnerability of her gestures in everyday life. In addition to exposing a woman's empowerment with respect to her body, this series aims to show the ephemeral moments of a passionate relationship between two women. A photographer and a photographed woman. One exhibitionist and one voyeuristic. Both women, from the moment the light is turned on until the shutter is closed.The feminine is captured from a deep complicity, not from the masculine desire that objectifies it. In this way, the feminine expression is not only in the erotic moments, but also in the most irrelevant and anonymous instances that we as women have known how to rescue.Black and white together with chiaroscuro help to build the rawness of the image without make-up. The disembodiments are transformed into protagonists by showing that which is on the fringe, without form. From that place, the hidden appears as reality.




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