Meaningful memories for extraordinary families.




It's amazing how fast they grow up. The first weeks of a new human being are very particular. Schemes of future characteristics loom here and there. A very intense bonding begins.

The session is done in the comfort and privacy of your home, if you don’t prefer otherwise. I recommend doing this between the third and fifth week to capture the very start of this amazing adventure and this existential change.

I am so happy to have pictures of me as a newborn and of my early childhood! I helps so much to recover memories.




Most of our life consists of regular workday situations.          Our day-to-day life. It is here, in the little details of our daily routines, where we find happiness and beauty. I will not ask you to pose unnaturally or to imitate something you are not. I will catch your natural and unmasked beauty on a picture. Clear, honest, real.